Online Journeys Application

 This is the best way to apply for a job at Journeys. When you search for job openings on the company’s website, you should narrow down the search to your city and state to make the process easier. Fill out the Journeys application completely and have your references and work history available so you fill it out before the session runs out of time. If you don’t have access to a computer you can visit the library or workforce center to fill out an application.

Paper Journeys Application

The alternative to the online Journeys application is their paper employment form. (Provided below)

journeys application


Print The Official Journeys Application By Clicking This Link Or The Image Above


Career Fair

 There are times when Journeys representatives show up at career fairs and if there is a career fair in your area, you want to arrive on time with a copy of your resume and cover letter to leave with the representative, especially if you’re seeking a corporate position with the company. Ask the representatives about the job positions that are offered and what they look for in employees. Pick up any brochures they have on the table so you can learn more about the company. This will not only help you in filling out the Journeys application but will give you a leg up during the interview process.

Through Networks

 Don’t underestimate the help of friends and relatives when looking for a job. If your older sister works at Journeys and you want a summer job there before heading to college, tell your sister so she can look out for open positions and possibly refer you to her manager. Give her your resume so she can pass it along to the manager. You will still need fill out the online Journeys application. Talk with friends who work at Journeys and inquire about open positions.

Mail Resume Directly to Company

 If you don’t like the idea of online applications that may or may not be recognized by management, you can prepare a cover letter and resume and mail it directly to the company. If the position is related to a certain department of the company, you would mail it to the manager of that specific department. This is a more personal and direct approach to the job search and it could be more effective than simply filling out the Journeys application online.

Nonprofit Organizations

 Journeys partners with local nonprofit organizations in order to help residents land a job with the retailer. For example, there are organizations that assist former prisoners in having a fair shot at employment in a society where job discrimination towards former prisoners remain prevalent in most cities. There are also nonprofit organizations that assist recently laid off workers in locating new jobs.


 There are several ways you can get a job at Journeys and with the above mentioned ideas, it is possible to find work with this company. Some locations are hiring a lot of people while others are experiencing a slump in hiring at the moment but you shouldn’t be discouraged. In time you will land the job you need and it will be a fulfilling one. Hopefully this information helps you in filling out the Journeys application form. Good luck.

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