Types of Jobs at Journeys

Here is a list of job positions you can apply for when filling out the Journeys application.

 Cashiers and Sales Associates

 These are the main workers you see when you visit Journeys and their duties include stocking the shelves, assisting customers with finding items, ringing up items at the checkout counter and maintaining cleanliness of the store. Cashiers and sales associates should have a pleasant attitude towards customers, be able to multitask when necessary, have a strong knowledge of the company’s products and they should be reliable. If you have relevant experience in this position be sure to mention that when filling out the Journeys application form.


The manager is the person who is in charge of operating the store and his duties include training and hiring employees, handling payroll and time sheets in order to pay workers what they are owed for the week, deciding on which items to put on sale, managing inventory during the year and interacting with customers and the store’s suppliers during the week. Managers must be disciplined, have good mathematical and analytical skills, and they should respect employees and customers. Before filling out the Journeys application for this job, be sure that have the proper experience and or education qualifications needed for this position.

Customer Service Representatives at Call Centers

 Journeys also has call centers where customer service representatives assist customers who call the center. These representatives help customers place orders, they process credit card payments, and they are responsible answering questions about orders that were placed. In store Journeys application forms may be unnaivable for this position.

Marketing Director

 This is a corporate position at Journeys and a marketing director’s duties include doing surveys to determine which items are selling the most, develops new ideas on new products that can be sold at the stores, handles promotions for the company, sometimes represents the company to the media and looks for ways to build the company’s image to customers. This is another position that you cannot apply for with the traditional in-store paper Journeys application.


 At some of the larger and busiest locations, you may see baggers there. Their primary job is to bag items kor the customers but they may serve as cashiers and stock clerks occasionally and at times thet collect baskets from the parking lot and bring them back to the store.


When you think about the many jobs that are available at Journeys, there are a variety of ways you can find work here. If the location near you is currently not hiring, you can check every few weeks or sign up for the e-mail newsletter to learn about future job openings. Once you get hired, you want to do everything you can to do the best job possible so customers will want to return and so you will make an impression on your boss. If you have not done so already, I strongly urge you to turn in the Journeys application today.

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