Tips To Help You Get Hired

It is a fact that the secret of getting hired comes down to an attractive Journeys application and your ability to showcase your talent at the interview. However, in order to attain your dream position, you will need to do some serious research even before you submit the application form.  The information is all out there – you just need to apply them efficiently.

  1. Get Background Information about the Company

Whether you are a new comer or an experienced job applicant, the first important step towards securing a position with Journeys is willingness to learn more about the company and the advertised position. It will dramatically improve your chances of getting hired.  Successful applicants always try to get an in depth knowledge about the requirements of the position, and how they can use their talent for the growth of the company. This is of utmost importance in today’s economy as the employers are trying to cut down on workers and hire only those who are beneficial for the company. You should be ready to fine tune your talent and skills based on the job criteria.

  1. Think Like your Employer and Get Noticed

Remember that your employer can easily tell the difference between an extraordinary job seeker and an ordinary one by just going through the Journeys application forms. It is a mistake to think that the employer will spend hours on your application to find your hidden talents. In reality, your job is simply to sell yourself by showcasing your skills and achievements that are relevant to the particular position. For example, retailers like Journeys are only interested in applicants who have strong customer service skills and can work in a team efficiently. In this case, your ability to work individually doesn’t address the job criteria. Thinking like the employer also means focusing on what you can do for the company rather than what you have done. In today’s world, you should be ready to roll up your sleeves, and work harder and smarter for your company.

  1. Prepare Yourself for the Interview

After turning in the Journeys application it is time to get ready for the interview.To be successful in the career market, you only need to understand a few concepts. Doing enough research about Journeys will give you the basic foundation for success. To do this, just visit their official website and read about the company’s history. You will also get a good idea about the questions that you can expect at their interview.  Moreover, analyse yourself and get a thorough knowledge about your strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Get the Right Mindset

This is the key to tackle nervousness and answer the questions confidently on the big day. An extraordinary job applicant should have a superior knowledge about Journeys and its future. Think about your career as a business that is run by a first-class salesperson. Now all you need to do is convince your customer to buy your product. It may sound very challenging at first, but the right mindset will help you do your best. If you follow these strategies while submitting Journeys application and then attending interview, you will be able to kick start a successful future with this retail store


If you are interested in working with the store, fill out the Journeys application today. It is available for download on this site or through the company’s main website.


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