How To Save Money At Journeys

Here at Journeys Application dot com, we provide you with more than information on filling out the Journeys application. Here are some helpful ways to save money at the store.

Weekly Sales and Coupons

 These are excellent ways to save money at Journeys and when you walk in the store you will see the weekly sale ads. To get coupons you can sign up for the mailing list in the store and through the company’s website. If you are on a very tight budget you can organize your shopping list around what is on sale.

Promo Codes

 If you are shopping for items on Journeys’ website, you may find some things on sale that come with promo codes. When you purchase items using promo codes, there are various types of discounts that you can get and these range from getting free items with certain purchases to huge percentages off of products. Consider checking out the Journeys application while you are there.

Shop During The Holiday and Clearance Sales

 Another way to save money at Journeys is to take advantage of the clearance and holiday sales because these are the times when you will get the most sales on your favorite products. If you are getting items on the clearance rack, you should inspect them for quality to make sure you are getting a high quality product. It also helps to have a shopping list with you so you won’t go overboard during the sales.

Outlet Store

 In some cities you will find a Journeys outlet store and this is slightly different from the regular locations except that the store is bigger and you will find a variety of items at very low prices, sometimes lower than those at the regular stores. You can subscribe to the outlet store’s newsletter to get additional updates on the latest sales that are available.

Employee Discount

Employees of the store receive a percentage off their store purchases. This discount amount varies from store to store. Consider putting in a Journeys application to get started.

Buy in Bulk

 Another way to save money at Journeys is to buy their sale items in bulk so you will not have to make frequent trips to Journeys for those items when they are not on sale. By doing this you will have extra products on hand for emergencies.

Manager’s Specials

 At some Journeys stores you may find manager’s specials where you pay a huge discount on certain products that are sponsored by the store’s manager. He may mark down certain items to a certain price because he wants to get rid of extra inventory because they are slow sellers or because it is time to make room for items for the upcoming season.


When you save money on a variety of items at Journeys, you will have everything you need for your home and business regardless of what your budget is. You also have the opportunity to buy things you would not normally buy at boutiques or the department store and that are of equal quality. Thanks for reading this article on how to save money at Journeys. Be sure to read our other articles on the Journeys application which includes tips on getting hired with the company.

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